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No rules,no limits, just expression.

‘’Art visualisations-

from then to now,

 13 years with art  ’’


About Me

My Background

Artist-SG (Saulius Ginetas )is an artist and creator based in London, whose first inspirations came from graffiti art at the age of thirteen, and inspired Ginetas to use various art techniques to express himself and explore art’s vast world. That leads him into further Artist career progression 

My Medium

Current, Artist-SG is focusing on surface pattern designs for clothing and other merchandise, including his newly-released line of bomber jackets, available online. 

While creating his art   SG  is trying to combine two realms - dynamic and rebellious graffiti art and aesthetic side of his expression.

My Inspiration

I was fortunate enough to look up to The Great Masters before me- ''Pablo Picasso'' ''Banksy'' ''Roy Lichtenstein'' ''Vincent Van Gogh'' ''Salvador Dali''

Now my inspiration is fuelled by curiosity of life and whats is possible to achieve in this vast world of art. Daily interactions and everyday objects can be inspirational if you decide to look at them this way. Every new  day is inspirational in itself and every new day is new expression.

No rules,no limits,just expression.